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Method for cleaning pen

1, general cleaning can be repeated suction drainage until the water discharged clean, dry can be.
2, if the interval is longer cleaning, or intend to wash the pen seal, you need to disassemble each part, respectively, cleaning.
Preliminary apart is divided into five parts: the tip (ink / ink converter device, pen, pen, pen). The tip of the metal part and the pen tongue (ink structure) should also be further apart, the tip sheet metal water rinse, and the ink on the structure of an old toothbrush carefully scrub, and then into warm water to soak for a night. After cleaning all parts, dry, and so completely dry, can be installed sealed.
3, of course, different pen structure, not all pens can be opened, for the difficult to split the pen, can only use the first method of cleaning, do not forcibly remove damaged pen.

Pen maintenance method

1, should be in writing, paper pad papers, in order to enhance the tip of elasticity, reduce friction.
2, the pen should not be written on hard materials such as metal, so as not to damage the nib.
3. Avoid mixing different ink in daily use so as not to precipitate and block the pen.
4, pen every month or so should be cleaned once, keep ink flowing smoothly, such as carbon ink should be more cleaning.
5, pens, if not used for a long time, should be washed and preserved.

The reason why the new pen does not come out of water and the solution

First, some pens in the factory inspection or test pen nib on the counter customer after the ink is not cleaned for a long time, the ink composition of the condensation, blocking the ink pen slot, it will lead to poor water.
This situation requires the removal of the nib, into the warm water (avoid boiling water), soaked for half an hour, and then dried, installed after the general can be used normally. If not, prolong the soaking time. If not, you need to remove the nib, and then use a small brush to clean the ink trough at the back of the pen and the entire capillary structure (the small seam above the plastic part of the nib).
Second, is the front pen nib gap is too narrow, then according to the usual office when the pen holding posture will be slightly pressed down, keep one to two seconds, or the blade Expansion pen can be thin seam, but must be careful.
In the third case, the reason is that the ink duct is too narrow. At this time, you need to use a thin blade to enlarge the ink trough, and be careful!

Pen shopping

It took a lot of ink to write the nib, so the pen point is definitely worth testing when buying a pen. The most basic thing is to choose the pen type. When it is tested, the pen tip is smooth and the ink should be uniform. And no matter what the pen must have the correct writing, after use, must be set tight cap. Here are some other factors to consider when buying pens.
Brand choice
Select appearance
Option weight
Function selection
The thickness of a pen
Try to write pens
Pens as a commodity, there are many classic brands, such as Parker, Waterman, heroes, Lamy, and so on. In addition to the quality of our products, trustworthy pens, you can always feel five star service, has a great after-sales and maintenance, writing is also quite smooth.

Pen nib

1, standard type: usually include fine, medium, wide three kinds. General office for hand or fine NIB small, hand writing coarse candidates than the tip width. Generally speaking, the choice of the pen point is mainly based on one’s own hobby. But superfine nibs are basically suitable for digital work and are not suitable for everyday writing.
2, italics tip: oblique style pen nib has a relatively sharp blade. Therefore, the lines of the pen are thicker at the pen. The width of this kind of NIB varies greatly, and the wider the nib is, the more obvious the difference between the strokes of the thickness and the stroke is, and the disadvantage is that it is easy to scratch the paper. The writing should be made up of 45 degrees of paper to prevent the font from becoming square.
3, partial skew type: italic NIB into the left tangent angle of 15 degrees, suitable for many people holding a certain angle, it will make one side of the pen nib under more pressure, resulting in irregular ink flow. The oblique strokes are not oblique, and the nib is so exaggerated.
4, anti oblique shape: anti oblique shape of the tip of the pen with the shape of the pen, just the opposite, is generally used to write left-handed people.
5, oblique shape: this pen is suitable for those who want to master the general principles of Italic writing, and do not want to work too hard people. With this pen, you can follow the italic style more freely and write more beautiful words. One is a 15 degree angle type suitable for right-handed writing, and the other is a nib with a 30 degree angle for the left hand.
6, in addition to Italy and Italy music sharp tip, tip is copied from the previous quill pen this tip sometimes write something similar to the effect of the tip of peace. But the tip of the nib on the tip of Italy is an iridium particle with a flat head and is more abrasion resistant.

What kinds of pens do you have?

Iraurita pen (mainstream pen)
The iraurita pen has basically replaced the traditional steel tip into the mainstream. The pen tip from the just for improvement of iridium gold, also known as the iridium grain. This iridium osmium alloy pen is hard, inexpensive, is a beginner to write more appropriate tool.
Gold nib pen (high-end pen)
Nib is K gold, according to the ingredients can be divided into 14K, 18K, 21K, 24K and so on. Theoretically, the more ingredients, the more resistant to corrosion and oxidation, the more durable it can be. Nib is soft, flexible, comfortable feel, but not easy to control, beginners caution.
Steel tipped pens (washed out)
Steel tipped pens have lost their brilliance once. Subject to cost, the pen tip, including the tip of the pen, all of the use of ordinary alloy, poor elasticity, feel hard, not wear-resistant. So steel tips are used in low-end pens, and they were eliminated long ago.

How to choose a good pen?

The standard for good pens
When you buy a pen, you should first pay attention to whether the pen is smooth and the second is to see if the water is smooth. In general, when you try to pen, if you can not feel the pen tip scraping paper, the water is very uniform, then this pen is basically no problem, in line with the use of requirements.
In our daily life are generally in order to buy a pen calligraphy, and pen nib has a thick thin, generally used for calligraphy pen nib is slightly thicker pen, but if you want to write shaped small, how can pick the pen write a “fine” pen.

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